Manchester Sportsbooks

Manchester Sportsbooks

When most people think about the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, there are a couple of things that come to mind. What probably comes to mind most often is that the largest city in the Granite State is just one in the seemingly never-ending chain of big cities that makes up the United States’ East Coast Megalopolis. But that would be doing a major disservice to the millions of sports fans in the area demanding access to Manchester sportsbooks. These fans, who are quite rightly intensely proud of their New England home teams, are some of the most ardent when it comes to cheering on the Patriots, the Celtics, the Bruins, the Red Sox and so on, and the fact that the state of New Hampshire seems to be ceding territory in what could be among the most lucrative sports gambling markets in the entire Northeast region seems untenable.

Fortunately, the US Supreme Court’s May 2018 majority decision to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) allowed for the state of New Hampshire to legalize sports betting and to open NH sportsbooks. For more than a quarter of a century PASPA made it impossible for nearly every state in the country to pass laws to that effect, leaving sports betting solely the province of Nevada in any meaningful sense, but all that has now evidently changed, as nearly two dozen states have either already legalized wagering on sporting events or are working toward that goal. However, even though several of New Hampshire’s New England neighbors are actively taking steps to expand legal gambling to include sports betting, the Granite State – which, quite uncharacteristically for the region, does not have very much by way of legal gambling at all – has surprisingly came out ahead of the pack by being one of the first states to sign a sports betting bill into law. But, even with that, they failed to mention anything about the use of overseas-based online sportsbooks.

What that means is that one of the best options for you – our loyal readers here at – will have to turn to the de facto Manchester sportsbooks, all of which are in actuality overseas-based offshore sports betting websites hosted in foreign countries. These sites, of which experience and hours of exhaustive research have shown to be the best in the business, are all 100 percent legal, licensed, regulated sportsbooks – it’s just that, being based in countries besides the US – they are not subject to the same federal or state laws that domestic sportsbooks would be. For all intents and purposes, these, our most highly recommended sites in the growing and dynamic online gambling segment of the market, are your best bet if you are looking for Manchester’s best sportsbooks: it certainly does not hurt their case that they are the only game in town at this point.

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Is It Currently Legal To Bet On Sports In Manchester, NH?

As you can no doubt figure out on your own fr om our introductory statements, it is currently legal to bet on sports in Manchester, NH. However, Manchester sportsbooks are quite limited. Sports betting in NH was legalized through both retail and mobile methods. A cap of 10 retail sports betting parlors was set and a total of five online sports wagering apps can be operated from within state lines. The activity will be overseen by the NH lottery so they will have to approve any operators before sports bets can officially be placed from within Manchester, NH. So far the only company they’ve allowed to go live is DraftKings, which limits your ability to shop lines.

While on the surface level that might seem like a real problem, the fact is that the Granite state’s laws do not have anything at all to say about wagering online, either for or against the activity. What that means is this: you can legally access offshore sportsbooks in Manchester. All of the top sites have for the better part of two decades been serving as the de facto Manchester sportsbooks anyway, so you are not exactly in a position in which it would be fair to say that you are losing out by not having multiple physical land-based casino sportsbooks yet at which to place wagers on your favorite teams, be that the Patriots or the Red Sox.

Minimum Legal Gambling Age At Sportsbooks In Manchester

The minimum legal gambling age at sportsbooks in Manchester or for any city in NH is 18 years old or older. This falls in line with the legal age to get involved in gambling of any kind in the Granite State. Online offshore sportsbooks carry the same age restriction as those are the rules written in their home territories. It is best to wait until you are of age. Underage betting can carry serious penalties such as losing your funds or being banned from a particular sports betting site.

Mobile Betting At Manchester Sportsbooks

With the popularity of mobile sports betting at offshore books, it seemed to be a no-brainer for sportsbooks in Manchester to offer mobile options. However, many states with legal sports betting have been slow to introduce mobile betting apps. This could be because the industry is still relatively new and lawmakers/regulators want to take a wait-and-see approach, but it comes at the detriment of losing millions in potential revenue. Mobile sportsbooks were legalized in the state of NH but only DraftKings has been able to operate in the state since. This is a bit of a bummer for Manchester sports bettors because the app is limited to those physically located within the state and there is no way to shop for better betting odds using in-state platforms. In the meantime, online offshore sports betting sites do offer mobile-friendly versions of their sites which can be accessed through any smartphone and anywhere in the U.S.

Best Manchester Sportsbooks

One final point on the matter is that the best Manchester sportsbooks not actually based in the Granite State at all: Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and MyBookie are all the best for a reason, and it is not simply because there is not much competition in the immediate area at this moment in time. Even now that the New Hampshire legislature legalized in-state sportsbooks, our most highly recommended offshore online ‘books would give them a serious run for their money, and it might not even be a close race even then. That is because our most trusted sites quite simply have reputations not besmirched by even the faintest hint of unreliability, and that counts for making deposits or withdrawing your funds after making a successful bet (or several), but it also extends to an emphasis on security and safety for internet-only players that is unmatched in the entire industry. Furthermore, you simply cannot do much better – if indeed you can do better – than the betting lines on offer at these elite online sportsbooks, which rival and exceed those found at the world-renowned casino sportsbooks of even the Las Vegas Strip.

However, we would also be doing a disservice to our readers if we did not at least cover the local gambling locations in New Hampshire that could if given half a chance by the state lottery, easily become some of the best sportsbooks in Manchester. Although you will no doubt notice in the upcoming section that the only gambling establishment of note in the immediate area surrounding Manchester is actually found in nearby Nashua, a drive of only a few minutes anyway, this still counts as probably the only place that could be considered a future site suitable for one of the Manchester sportsbooks right now. We have isolated and identified a few of what we think are the most salient points related to the discussion as to this (hopefully) future site of one of the first Manchester sportsbooks, so read on for more information.

The River Casino & Sports Bar

The River Casino & Sports Bar

  • The River Casino & Sports Bar
  • Type: commercial land based casino
  • Location: Nashua, NH
  • Address: 53 High Street, Nashua, NH 03060
  • First Opened: 2006 in Milford, 2016 relocated to Nashua
  • Number of Rooms: none
  • Total Gaming Space: 18 gaming stations – keno, blackjack, craps, money wheel, roulette, 12 poker tables
  • Gaming Age: 21
  • Top Attractions: 40 high definition flat screen televisions, 3 projector screens
  • Best Restaurants: The River Casino Restaurant – appetizers, sandwiches, burgers and grinders, pizza, calzones, soups, salads, regional favorites, desserts
  • Owner: Oceanfront Gaming, Inc.
  • Phone Number: 888-567-6667

The River Casino & Sports BarWhat the establishment known as the River Casino & Sports Bar is all about is right there in the name on the board: if you are into placing bets or playing a hand of cards while you grab a beer with some buddies watch your favorite teams play a game, then this is the place for you, no buts about it. Founded as recently as 2016 in its current located about a 20 minute drive from downtown Manchester, this Nashua Class II gambling center offers 18 gaming stations featuring all your favorite casino amusements from keno to blackjack to craps to roulette and 12 different poker tables (basically everything except slot machines, which is why it is not a Class III casino, which are illegal per New Hampshire state law).

That meshes up nicely with the massive assortment of 40 high definition flat screen televisions and three huge project screens scattered around the floor plan, giving you and your pals plenty of chances to catch the Patriots playing for their next Super Bowl title or the Celtics taking on one of their many storied rivals. The food on offer is a cut above other sports bars too, with a fairly diverse River Casino Restaurant offering all the local and regional favorites area eateries are known for and that New England and Northeastern eaters are expecting to find, at a price point that few competitors can match, and that does not even cover the wide selection of beers on tap.

When one considers this heady combination of good food and good drinks and the chance to have a good time placing bets and winning big while cheering on your favorite teams, it is really no wonder why we are so heartily recommended – imploring even – that the River Casino & Sports Bar in Nashua become one of the first Manchester sportsbooks. When the New Hampshire legislature does the right thing and legalizes sports betting, we can almost certainly guarantee that the guests will be lining up around the building to get in on the action at this casino with a heart. No joke, as 35 percent of all its daily handle have to be paid out to local charities by law, the River Casino has actually raised millions of dollars for worthy causes in New Hampshire over the last 10 years or so. If that doesn’t make you feel good about patronizing this future leader among Manchester sportsbooks then we are not sure what will do the trick.